Murphy Bed Mattress for Transitional Bedroom with Recessed Lighting

This modern bedroom design is very simple. If you’ll notice, it’s actually two rooms in one. There’s that white divider in the center of the room, making that sitting room either a separate area or an included one. It also helps to divide the vanity right there. The whole setup for the room actually makes a few rooms in one, which is pretty neat. It’s also kind of vintagy if you look at it.

This is an absolutely beautiful bedroom setup in my opinion. I love how the wood paneling blends with the hardwood floor, but they don’t overpower one another. The light grey color onthe walls also helps to break up the wood a little as well. Check out that light above the bed. It brings so much character to the bedroom, doesn’t it? And to finish it off, the chessboard on the table screams “sophistication!”.

There’s a whole bunch of different designs going on in this bedroom, but that seems to be the trend these days. If you take a look at the wall and the bed, it has a very modern look to it. From the color of the walls to the bedding with TV Bed Store with a nice king bed and lamps, it’s very modern. But take a look at the rug and the chair, they’re very vintage, even those Chuck Taylors are old school. All mixed together, it makes for a very unique look.

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Murphy Bed Mattress for Transitional Bedroom with in Bedroom .

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